Is BroadbandNow the Best Bandwidth Provider Finder by ZIP Code?

As a professional business technology consultant, my multi-location clients expect me to generate local internet bandwidth solution options that at equal to or better than the ones they could generate by querying their own local branch managers. It never looks good to present my "best solution" proposal only to learn that I did not know about a new low-priced fiber provider that my client learns about from their local manager - but not me.

The "master agencies" and "cloud brokers" that most of us put our client orders through all have web-based "bandwidth finders" that let you know what the prices are of different service providers. Unfortunately all these master agency tools have one fundamental flaw - they only include the solution providers the master agency contracts with. As pirate Will Turner would say, "That's not good enough!"

Is BroadbandNow Good Enough?

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"WOW"...Tour of Boston HQ Shows Why Multi-Location Businesses Choose Granite

This summer I finally answered the question Granite Telecom's Charlie Pagliazzo has been asking me for years, "When are you going to come out to Boston to tour our headquarters? It really showcases how we're different from vendors who say they compete against Granite."

I was in Boston for a family wedding so I snuck off for a couple hours to have Granite managers Lauren Grenier & Russ Bishop give me the same tour they give business owners looking to do business with Granite. Three hours later all I could say was, WOW!

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AUDIO: Build a Working Office 365 with Voice Demo to Use as a Cloud Broker Benchmark

Click the link below to hear Cloud Broker Association's Dan Baldwin speak with Greg Plum of PlumUC about how to build a working demo of Office 365 with voice using O365 plus Umojo.

This working demo will be used as a benchmark against which all other cloud broker "desktop plus voice" mashups will be measured.

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AUDIO & VIDEO: Bandwave's "Global Bandwidth Management" Aggregates Discount Broadband Worldwide

Click the links below to view a quick video and listen to an audio of Tom Azelby, Bandwave managing partner speaking to Telecom Association's Dan Baldwin about how their "Global Bandwidth Management" service helps enterprise businesses aggregate discount broadband connections anywhere in the world.

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AUDIO: CoreDial's Jim DeBald on "How Converged is Converged Enough?"

Click the audio below to hear Jim DeBald, Sales VP of CoreDial speak with Telecom Association's Dan Baldwin on just how much convergence business owners and decision makers are expecting from their telecom and IT solution providers and consultants.

CoreDial provides a top recommended white labeled "UCaaS" program for voice and IT solution providers that wish to provide hosted VoIP or SIP phone service to their clients in addition to their current offering on a single invoice.

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VIDEO & AUDIO: How WebShare Software Can Save Enterprise's $3m per Month

Have customers spending gobs of money each month on GoToMeeting, WebEx or Adobe Connect? Turn them onto Herb Levitin's solution to save your customer all the money they're loosing by "renting" software every month.

To learn more, listen to the audio or watch the video that follows: 

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