H2BSM: How to Buy, Sell or Manage Business Phone, Internet and IT Services in 2017

Take This 4 Question Quiz.

1. Is your job security based on your ability to sell, buy or manage phone, internet & IT services for a company or business?

2. Do your phone, internet & IT service vendors say, "Don't worry about it", "Trust us" or "We got it"?

3. Does your boss or clients say, "What the %$&# is wrong with you", "I %$&#ing hate you" or "The %$&# you recommended doesn't work the way you said it would"?

4. Do you need to ensure your next recommendation is based on "facts" and not "hopes"?


If You Answered "Yes"

to one or more quiz questions you would likely benefit from ICTA's new weekly webinar, "How to Buy, Sell or Manage Business Phone, Internet & IT Services in 2017" (H2BSM for short).

Beginning Monday, May 8th and then continuing weekly until ... 

the end of time, ICTA will publish a weekly webinar that will train anyone to understand and use simple checklists designed to make business phone, internet & IT design, selection & management decisions a vendor-neutral affair.


Taught By a Working Consultant

The webinar series will be primarily taught and moderated by Dan Baldwin, ICTA's Executive Director & 25-year business telecom consultant who will use as teaching materials the business phone, internet & IT service project check lists he uses in his own consulting business.

In addition to Dan Baldwin, guest webinar instructors will include vendor neutral sales engineers from industry master agencies who will share how to use the webinar checklists to pull vetted vendors into a deal after a vendor neutral design has been created. Sales engineers from recommended vendors will also be invited as guest lecturers to compare and contrast their solutions to those of their competitors.


Association Members Can Use Video on their Own Websites

ICTA members may use the YouTube videos on their own websites to help their own clients understand the concepts explained in the videos. Members who want to license the content for themselves need to contact Dan Baldwin at Dan@ICTA.us.


Weekly Webinar Topics Include

Published or planned weekly webinar topics based on active case studies include the following. Click the links at the end of any title to access the content.

1. How to setup phone, internet & manged IT services for a single location business. Blog, YouTube, Facebook.

2. How to setup phone, internet & manged IT services for a multiple location business. 

3. How to connect multiple remote office networks via VPN, MPLS, SD-WAN or "Cloud". Blog, YouTube, Facebook.

4. How to choose if you need multiple vendors and invoices or an "all-in-one" solution.

5. How to choose between a "name-brand" vendor with average reviews that you've heard of or a "boutique-provider" with great reviews that you've never heard of.

6. How much conferencing, collaboration or "unified communications" makes sense for a particular company?

7. How do I legally create phone call recordings for record keeping that's PCI compliant?

8. Who should own the modem, firewall & smart-switch, in-house IT staff or managed network services provider?

9. Should I converge my voice & data onto a single network or keep them separate? 

10. Do I need more bandwidth, redundant bandwidth fail-over, better bandwidth management or all-of-the-above?

11. How to test your modem, firewall and switch to see which one is %$&#ing broke

12. What's a DNS and DHCP server do and why should I care?

13. What's the difference between static, dynamic and persistent IP addresses?

14. How to find the weak link in your patch panels, CAT6 cable, smart switches, VLANs & daisy chains.

15. What's the right way to do wireless, cloud storage & remote access in my office and on the road?

16. How to un%$&# your office phones by understanding auto-attendant, ACD, phone number ports, SIP trunks, ring groups, park buttons, broadcast intercom, soft phones, voicemail transcription, VoIP in the cloud & PBX in the closet.

17. Friend or foe? Phone & cable company, ISP, ITSP, VAR, CLEC, ILEC, RBOC, integrator, reseller, partner, agent, consultant & broker

18. FCC, PUC, toll free & net neutrality - Is anyone in charge of anything anymore?

19. Ransom ware, porn, hackers, malware, media streaming - How do I police my own network?

20. Channel or Direct? Wholesale or Retail? The pros and cons of choosing who to buy from and choosing their margins

21. Taxes, fees and surcharges - What's required and what's optional?

22. Command Line Troubleshooting - How to find your "C Prompt" and what to do with it that might help

23. HTTP, HTTPS, CNAME, WWW, Internal & External IPs - Everything you need to know about network addresses

24. Converting from copper POTS lines to IP service for modems, alarm lines & dial-up equipment.

25. How does IoT (internet of things) and M2M (machine-to-machine) affect my business?

26. Door locks, CCTV, security cameras, etc. - How to keep your employees & buildings safe and secure.


Learn or Teach

To get a student webinar registration link, send an email to student@ICTA.us

If you're interested in co-teaching a webinar session, send an email to teacher@ICTA.us

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