Keyword Cops

Efficiently referring business customers to the Recommended Partners and Vendors best able to help them is the job of our "Keyword & Category Cops" who are Subject Matter Experts ranked in their ability to:

1. Define and update the specific keywords (also known at "tags") and categories used to organize our Recommended Partner & Vendor lists, and

2. Respond to business customer Recommended Partner & Vendor referral requests in a timely manner.

Following are the official Keywords, Tags and Categories the association uses to organize referral lists.

If you're a business customer needing a referral to a Recommended Partner or Vendor, click on the link of the Keyword Cop listed below to reach the person's LinkedIn page which will have the person's contact information. Ranking based referral request responsiveness. Report non-responses to


CenturyLink: Dave Laskowski

Orange County, CA: Robert Green

POTS: Jay Morris


Seattle: Michelle Hyde

VeloCloud: Carl Cornista,