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Telarus Website


Lisa Barton Joins Telarus as Southwest Senior Partner Development Manager


Mystery Solved  



MicroCorp Website


Data Center Done Right with MicroCorp's Partner Training    [expires 6-20-2017]  



Super Hero SPIFFs from AireSpring    [6-30-2017]


BullsEye Telecom Website

Capitalize on the Growth of SD-WAN.  We'll Show You How!     



The Leader in POTS for so many reasons ...    [expires 6-30-2017]   



New Cities Added to Vonage Partner Academies    [expires 7-13-2017]



VoIP Innovations Logo

Are you at risk?  VoIP Fraud is real, better protect your business today!




Scroll down for 'A'. 


     Don't Miss Terrell Davis At carrierXchange    [expires 9-20-2017]

     This Will Change Everything...

     CarrierSales Closes Largest Channel Deal in inContact's History 


     How would you like to try life end-to-end?


     CarrierFinder takes the pain out of searching for fiber!


     What would you do with a blank check?    [expires 6-30-2017]

     Fusion Advances its Powerful SD-WAN Solution with a New and Enhanced Portal 

     It's time to move up to the Cloud with Fusion

     Fusion Named to Deloitte's 2016 Technology Fast 500 List 

Granite Channels 

     The Leader in POTS for so many reasons ...    [expires 6-30-2017]

     Thank You for Your Participation! 

     Looking to Binge on a New Series?

     Granite Channels Updated WebSite! 


     Last Chance:  Chicago Mindshare    [expires 6-15-2017]

     Solutions Engineering when you need it most. 

     New:  Seattle Mindshare    [expires 7-13-2017] 

     Intelisys:  Your Best Choice for Verizon  

     Don't Miss:  2017 Mindshare    [expires 6-30-2017] 


     Webinar:  MegaPath UCaaS and Voice Feature Update    [expires 6-27-2017]

     MegaPath Introduces SD-WAN Sales Contest for Partners    [expires 12-31-2017]

     MegaPath RED Program Promises 100% SD-WAN Uptime or Hefty Service Credits

     MegaPath Names Eighth Annual Channel Partner Award Winners

     MegaPath Unveils SD-WAN Packages for SMBs and Enterprises


     Be Among the Elite as a President's Club Achiever!    [expires 12-31-2017]

     Data Center Done Right with MicroCorp's Partner Training    [expires 6-20-2017]

     Chicago DC Market Report

     How to Pick Your SD-WAN Provider 

     Save Your Seat for MicroCorp's Ultimate Partner Training    [expires 6-23-2017] 


     Don't Your Clients Deserve the Best Security Solution?

     Spectrotel Wins Channel Vision Managed Services Award

     Spectrotel's Solutions in a Box - Everything you need to WIN in one place!


     Sell Birch with TCG and Keep All of the Upfront Bonus!    [expires 6-30-2017] 

     Smash Some Sales with TCG and Keep All of the Bonus!    [expires 8-2-2017]

     TCG Drills IT!    [expires 7-19-2017]   

     TCG Passes ALL 500% of the Broadvoice Bonus to Our Agents!    [expires 6-30-2017]

     Drive it Like You Stole it with TCG Comcast Business and Ciena    [expires 9-21-2017] 


     Breakthrough the Twitter Barrier with HashNewsGrams - Free for iPhone

     New iPhone App Organizes Your Business's Twitter News Feed

     SocialSelling:  Social Media for Selling and Sales Professionals


     Lisa Barton Joins Telarus as Southwest Senior Partner Development Manager

     Telarus hires Nikki Beck to develop the Midwest

     Telarus hires industry-veteran Koby Phillips to further develop the Northwest 

     Telarus is Named Vonage Business Top Distributor for 2016

     WOW!  Business' Named Telarus as 2016 Top Distributor


     TeleDomani is Your ONLY Choice for Verizon!

     TeleDomani is Your ONLY Choice for Verizon to Get to the Top!

     Ginamarie Pigott of Recognized as One of the CRN's 2017 Women of the Channel   

     Join TeleDomani in Montego Bay - Work Hard...  Play Harder!    [expires 9-30-2017] 

     TeleDomani Q2 Jones Beach Contests    [expires 6-30-2017]

VoIP Innovations

     Are you at risk?  VoIP Fraud is real, better protect your business today!

     Fully Redundant Faxing on the VoIP Innovations SIP Network! 

     Win a Credit with VoIP Innovations

     Further Your VoIP Knowledge.  Download Our Latest WhitePaper!

     Become a VoIP Innovations Customer Today! 

Vonage Business 

     Washington DC Added to Vonage Partner Academies    [expires 7-13-2017]

     New Cities Added to Vonage Partner Academies    [expires 7-13-2017]

     Vonage is on the Road!    [expires 6-20-2017]


     Mystery Solved  


     WTG President's Club Sponsors Announced!    [expires 12-31-2017]

     President's Club 2017 - Play the #1 Golf Course in the Caribbean!    [expires 10-31-2017]

     President's Club 2017 - Casa de Campo in DR!    [expires 10-31-2017]

     Thank You for Another Successful Event!

     Vince Bradley Named Circle of Excellence Winner!     


     VivoOffice for Reliable Internet 

     Site2Site Patented SD-WAN Solutions

     VivoVoice Call Assurance

A+ Conferencing

      Adding Audio Conferencing to Skype for Business Via Office 365


     Super Hero SPIFFs from AireSpring    [6-30-2017]

     Get Real-Time Quotes in Sixty Seconds with AireSpring

     AireSpring April Partner Newsletter 

     Resolve to Earn Big in 2017 with AireSpring 

     Vote AireSpring Hosted VoIP for "Yuge" Commissions

Bandwidth Builders

     Earn Commissions Selling Residential Charter Spectrum Services 


     Dual Termination Pack   

     Introducing U.DID:  Universal DID Services

     Consolidated Nationwide DID Coverage 

     Largest US DID Coverage

     Sales/Support Associates Wanted 

Ben Bronston - Telecom/IT/Cloud Lawyer

     Ben Bronston Named Industry's Best Lawyer Again  

     The Importance of Provider Agreements to Agency Valuation

     Looking For a Lawyer Who Actually Understands the Cloud?

     Ben Bronston Receives Highest Rating for Skill and Ethics

     Master Agent "To Do" List   


Broadview Networks

     See Why Realtors Prefer Office Suite UC! 

     There's an Easy Way to Find New Clients!

     What's the Best Way to Ask for Referrals?

     What's the Secret to Doubling Your Sales?

     This is UCaaS Done Right!  Make the Most with Broadview's Q2 Spiff.    [expires 6-30-2017]

BullsEye Telecom  

     SD-WAN Hitting an 'Inflection' Point

     Capitalize on the Growth of SD-WAN.  We'll Show You How!    

     SD-WAN to become a $6 billion industry by 2020.

     What's Your SD-WAN Strategy?  

     Pick Your Payout! 






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