2015 Partners Choice Award Winners Announced

Telecom Association ("TA") announces the 123 vendors that TA's 3,800 members selected as their 2015 "Partners Choice" in 83 telecom, internet, data and network managed service categories.  

The most highly coveted category, "Top Overall Master Agency/Technology Services Distributor" was won by Telarus.  "The annual voting was tight in the Master Agency category," stated Dan Baldwin, TA Executive Director, "but Telarus' 2015 acquisition of VXSuite which provides NOC based circuit monitoring for any circuit sold through Telarus gave them the edge with our partner member voters this year." 

To view a full list of all 123 vendors winners ...

click one of the two following links:

Partners Choice Winners - Sorted By Award Category

Partners Choice Winners - Sorted By Vendor Name


Display of TA Award Artwork

TA vendor members whose company name is highlighted in gold on the two lists above are authorized to display TA's copyright protected award artwork through the end of 2016 on printed and electronic marketing materials.

Click this link to access artwork and a press release authorized vendors may use.



To learn more about TA's annual "Partners Choice" awards program please contact Dan Baldwin, TA Executive Director at [email protected]



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