How Agents, Vendors & Staff Can Win a 2016/2017 TA Award

It's December so it's time to complete our 2016 Partners Choice and Customers Choice Awards as well as deliver our 2017 Recommended Partner & Recommended Vendor Awards.

This is the 10th year we've done our awards and we try to improve them each year. This year we have expanded our agent partner awards as well as added an award for support staff such as agent managers, sales engineers, project managers, etc.

To win an award you must first be nominated and then get people to vote for you. It may seem cumbersome but it's really very easy.

To get started nominating yourself or someone else, click on the Awards link for all the instructions you need as well as a video tutorial. 

Then click on the Nominate link to create your nomination so you can distribute the link to people who will vote for you.

Nominations are open until 1/15/17. Voting is open until 1/31/17. All awards will be announced 2/1/17.

Good luck and let us know what questions you have?

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