Are You Preparing to "Survive or Thrive" ICT Convergence in 2020? (Do these 6 steps to "thrive")

Whether you're an IT director of a multi-location business or a an outsourced IT company that has multi-location businesses as clients, you're a "managed services provider" or MSP facing an existential crisis if you don't evolve to "survive or thrive" the ICT (information & communications technology) convergence that you've no doubt noticed is all around you and getting ready to replace you in 2020.

To prepare to both survive AND thrive, invest 16 minutes to watch the video below of Michael Sterl of CarveDigital describe what any multi-location MSP (in-house or outsourced) needs to be preparing for to "get it done" which means confirming your business has the right technology stack in place from the right vendors all process managed by the best back office.

Bottom Line: Focus on the 6 components in this slide. In-house MSPs mostly need to focus on steps 2 & 3 (create/enhance your own data so you know what technology you need to manage it and back office support so whatever data you're managing actually get's managed). Outsourced MSPs need to do all 6 steps to ensure customers know enough about your abilities to want to do business with you and that you're generating enough revenue to stay in business.

Scroll down to watch the whole 16 minute video. It's worth it. I'm using Micheal's 6-point list to ensure my MSP business is ready for 2020!

Which MSP Support Organizations Do the 6 Components Best?

As I get my own MSP business ready for 2020 I'm going to be investigating the different MSP support organizations that provide the services in these six components and I'll be sharing my findings on this site. 


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