AUDIO & VIDEO: Bandwave's "Global Bandwidth Management" Aggregates Discount Broadband Worldwide

Click the links below to view a quick video and listen to an audio of Tom Azelby, Bandwave managing partner speaking to Telecom Association's Dan Baldwin about how their "Global Bandwidth Management" service helps enterprise businesses aggregate discount broadband connections anywhere in the world.

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Following is a time-stamped outline of the interview questions.

00:00 - Introduction

00:15 - Q1. So for 15 years Bandwave has been to go to company for aggregating domestic US broadband connection but now now you've gone international. How did that come about come about?

01:27 - Q2. What's different and what's the same provisioning and managing broadband outside the US?

02:43 - Q3. Why don't we see the brand name carriers involved in managing these economical connections?

03:59 - Q4. Are you having to create new relationships in every metro around the globe or have you run across firms similar to yours that have helped you get a leg up in foreign cities?

05:06 - Q5. Is language a barrier?

05:35 - Q6. So is it true that the French are really rude, the Germans really exact and the Brits always on vacation?

06:06 - Closing comments

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