AUDIO: CoreDial's Jim DeBald on "How Converged is Converged Enough?"

Click the audio below to hear Jim DeBald, Sales VP of CoreDial speak with Telecom Association's Dan Baldwin on just how much convergence business owners and decision makers are expecting from their telecom and IT solution providers and consultants.

CoreDial provides a top recommended white labeled "UCaaS" program for voice and IT solution providers that wish to provide hosted VoIP or SIP phone service to their clients in addition to their current offering on a single invoice.

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Following is an outline of the questions from the interview.

00:00 - Introduction

00:22 - Q1: Our topic for discussion to today is “How converged is Converged Enough for SMBs?” Can you give us a summary of CoreDial’s opinion on this. Do SMB’s

really want IT, telephony and carrier services all on a single invoice from a single provider? Isn’t this risking working with a “jack of all trades” who is a

“master of none”?

02:37 - Q2: Several technology convergence vendors caution business end-users and perspective convergence solution providers that bundling IT and phone equipment into

a “double-bundle” absolutely makes sense but then mixing in voice & data carrier services is ill advised and that end-users should pay separately for what amounts to

a commodity utility invoice like electricity or water. Does CoreDial see carrier services as a needless third leg to a business technology stool? Why or why not?

06:19 - Q3: Another argument made against the triple-bundle is that the regulatory hurdles to become an ITSP are just too high for most IT service providers to

overcome. What attitude have CoreDial’s partners brought to the regulatory hurdle - is it any different from other hurdles they’ve had to overcome to get a leg up on

their competitors?

08:45 - Q4: Other companies have previously had a vision to empower telephony resellers with a turn-key hosted VoIP solution. NGT is a company frequently mentioned that has had marginal success because they teach solution providers the business and then the best solution providers then leave NGT and build their own mousetrap. How is CoreDial’s cloud services vision different than your predecessors such that your best distributors will “double down” with you rather than go off on their own?

13:37 - Q5: Where does CoreDial see itself in 18 months and then in 5 years?

17:27 - Closing

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