BigLeaf Partners With Telarus

john_hogan.jpgSANDY, UT. — Telarus Inc., master agent and owner of VXSuite and national distributor of voice, data and cloud infrastructure services, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with BigLeaf Networks, the intelligent networking service that optimizes Internet and cloud performance by dynamically choosing the best connection based on real-time usage and diagnostics.

Telarus has selected BigLeaf to add to its extensive, nationwide network, allowing their sales partners to offer Bigleaf’s patent-pending technology, which improves the performance of VoIP services and cloud-based applications via intelligent load-sharing across multiple Internet connections.

“We are excited to welcome Bigleaf to our family of suppliers. Our partners are excited about using intelligent networking services and to use VXSuite to monitor the performance of the entire ecosystem,” said Patrick Oborn, Telarus co-founder. “This is a conversation changer for our partners.”

Bigleaf’s plug-and-play managed service offering includes:

  • Intelligent load-balancing across multiple Internet paths from different ISPs
  • Dynamic Quality-of-Service (QoS) capability to prioritize VoIP and other latency-sensitive traffic over commodity Internet
  • Same IP failover capability to allow for uninterrupted VoIP and virtual desktop sessions while moving between circuits
  • Real-time intelligence on circuit latency, packet loss, jitter and throughput

“We are very excited to begin this relationship with Telarus,” said John Hogan, VP of partner sales and business development at Bigleaf. “Our optimization service is a perfect addition for any telecom agent or IT consultant looking to provide a more stable platform for the migration of their customers’ critical applications to a cloud-based architecture. By welcoming us into its portfolio, Telarus gives us immediate access to a new network of “right-fit” sales partners, and sets the table for a unique blend of cloud, network and stability-enhancing services for their partners and customers.”

The partnership with Bigleaf is a perfect way to bring added services to the partners of Telarus. Bigleaf's patent-pending service uses software-defined networking (SDN) technology on preconfigured routers over a distributed architecture. The two components -- a premise-based router at a customer's site and nationwide gateway clusters -- work together to provide load balancing across multiple Internet paths from different Internet service providers.

About Bigleaf Networks

Bigleaf Networks is the intelligent networking service that optimizes Internet and cloud performance by dynamically choosing the best connection based on real-time usage and diagnostics. Inspired by the natural architecture of leaves, the Bigleaf platform leverages redundant connections for optimal traffic re-routing, failover and load-balancing. The company is dedicated to providing a better Internet experience and ensuring peace of mind with simple implementation, friendly support and powerful technology. Founded in 2013, Bigleaf Networks is investor-backed, offering nationwide service. To learn more, visit or talk to Bigleaf at 1-888-244-3133.

About Telarus

Telarus is a technology services master agent who holds contracts with over 50 data, voice, and cloud providers. To help our partners See What Others Can’t, we have created a set of tools to help them win more business. We are proud to offer our partners performance monitoring of all circuits ordered, patented pricing tools aide in carrier selection/optimization and cloud engineers to aid partners in complex network design. Our project management team ensures the services ordered are turned up properly. Account management to allow partners to focus on selling while our team manages the renewal process and upsells on their behalf. Telarus was voted the best master agent by the members of the Telecom Association for over five years in a row and is a top 3 channel partner for nearly all providers it represents. For more information on the Telarus partner program, please visit or call 877-346-3232.



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