AUDIO: Build a Working Office 365 with Voice Demo to Use as a Cloud Broker Benchmark

Click the link below to hear Cloud Broker Association's Dan Baldwin speak with Greg Plum of PlumUC about how to build a working demo of Office 365 with voice using O365 plus Umojo.

This working demo will be used as a benchmark against which all other cloud broker "desktop plus voice" mashups will be measured.

To learn more about PlumUC visit

Following is an outline of the questions in the audio recording.

00:00 - Introduction. This is Dan Baldwin and today we're going into the lab to build our first cloud bundle. To help out I've invited a fellow cloud scientist Greg

Plum of PlumUC. To recap, Cloud Broker Association is all about teaching it's members how to get away from line item pricing by building "cloud bundles" with a single

price tag that deliver to end-users the outcome they're looking for - a unified communications or "UC" business phone that's integrated with their desktop applications.

But to best understand every UC cloud bundle that comes along we first need to have a benchmark point of comparison that everyone can understand and we've decided to

use the bundling of Microsoft's Office 365 and Skype for Business as our official "benchmark bundle".

00:55 - Q1. So Greg, can you share with our audience of business end-users and consultants why O365/S4B if the perfect benchmark bundle and why would people contact

with your company PlumUC for assistance?

05:00 - Q2. So if one's serious about selling a bundle they need to have their own working benchmark prototype and that what we're going to build today. So Greg, what's

on the shopping list?

11:13 - Q3. So how do we get this bundle working to the point where we can make & receive calls?

15:45 - Q4. What are the add-ons to the basic bundle that business end-users would be interested in?

17:50 - Q5. What are the normal size O365/S4B that cloud brokers need to be looking for that make sense from a profitabilty standpoint?

22:25 - Q6. Where are we on the marketing curve for this solution and what's the opportunity?

29:45 - Q7. Closing comments.

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