Circuit Success Secret: Always Have the "Local Site Contact" be Your Best Tech Scheduler

There's a reason even the best phone company installation techs are not employed as a guest services concierge in a fine hotel - scheduling events is not what they do best. The "local site contact" for any of your own business locations that has to take calls from a phone company installation tech to arrange a circuit installation is probably cut from the same cloth. They take care of phone & internet networks better than they take phone calls from each other to schedule installations.

Circuit Success Secret: Always Have the "Local Site Contact" be Your Best Tech Scheduler

This is especially true for multi-location businesses that are constantly adding or upgrading internet & data circuits that touch the "outside internet". I can't count how many super critical circuit installations have been delayed and postponed due to the phone company claiming that the their calls to the "local site contact" to arrange an installation time are not answered and voicemails are not returned.

I have solved this problem by insisting to all carriers I do business with the the "local site contact" on any internet circuit order is always me - because I always answer my cell phone 24/7/365.

The carriers stop fussing about me being the site contact when I remind them of what they already know - which is that few people in America these days ever answer a call from a number they don't recognize, or worse, many people have cell phone apps that route unknown callers to a spam box so text and voice mail messages are never even seen.

How To Do This...

Step 1: Practice making 3-way calls on both your cell phone and your desk phone.

Step 2: Practice recording and retreiving the call if recording is an option

Step 3: Call the "real" on-site tech for any of your locations as soon as the circuit order paperwork is submitted to have them practice recognizing your cell phone number and ask them to please add your number to their "safe list" so that when you call in a couple weeks time to arrange the installation they'll take the call.

Step 4: Answer your cell phone 24/7/365. I live in California and I get alot of circuit installation requests at 8am New York time for out New York facilities. (Yes 5am calls are a hassle but not as big a hassle as delayed circuit installations).

Step 5: Always be super nice or you'll be sent to the back of the installation line. Yelling at people or asking for their supervisor doesn't work in the circuit scheduling space. The person that calls you is pretty much the person you'll be dealing with.

Step 6: Always record the cell number, email address & full name of the installation techs who call so you can follow-up with all parties with an email confirming the installation details. Include the order number whenever possible. 

Step 7: Provide the installation tech with the cell number of the real local contacts only after you've done a 3-way call with them to provide the proper introductions.

Know This...

1. Even when you insist that techs call 24 to 48-hours in advance to schedule an site survey or installation "turn-up", the advance call almost never happens. Most the time you're lucky to get a call when they're 15-minutes out. Usually it's when they are standing outside.


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