Comcast Ramping Up Broadband Speeds

comcast-business.jpgPhiladelphia, PA - Comcast Corp. is reportedly set to make upgrades in 2016 to its broadband infrastructure including the deployment of Docsis 3.1 modems to its customers. Deploying the new modems will allow Comcast to offer Gigabit speeds to customers living in areas that do not currently have access to its fiber network. Using Docsis 3.1 technology its existing copper infrastructure will be able to provide customers with download speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Currently, the company offers its GigabitPro service to business customers in areas where fiber has already been deployed. It currently offers download speeds of up to 2Gbps, but carries significant installation costs for customers that do not already have fiber deployed in their buildings. Its new service will allow customers to upgrade to Gigabit speeds by simply swapping out their existing modems.

Comcast may use the new Docsis 3.1 technology to accelerate Gigabit deployment in an effort to thwart competitors such as AT&T and Google fiber in areas where those companies are currently looking to upgrade. Being first to market with Gigabit speeds in these markets with significantly lower infrastructure costs would give them a major advantage over competing carriers.

The company has not yet announced pricing or deployment dates for its new Docsis 3.1 services and has so far remained tight-lipped about its plans to offer the service through its channel sales partners. It is currently one of the country's largest cable MSOs with 29 regional networks deployed throughout 39 states.

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