Conduct Business Anywhere Your Building Can See the Southern Sky (Yes, VoIP & VPN Both Work!)

Does your business have remote locations that are beyond the reach of normal "landline" or 4G data connections? ViaSat is your provider! (HughesNet theoretically is in the same business but in my experience they're lightyears behind ViaSat in providing support to business applications - don't even mention VPN to Hughesnet!)

ViaSat's internet connections that travel 26,000 miles up to space & back power the most remote applications whether it's VPN (virtual private network) connections, IoT (internet of things) connections or simple credit card processing or making a simple phone call.

You may recognize the super handsome partner in the video who was making an actual test call over the ViaSat VoIP phone. He's rumored to be ViaSat's most knowledgable and experienced partner. Yes, you're correct. That's yours truly, me, Dan Baldwin.

(So now you know we're working pretty hard finding the new "best of breed" solutions when we go off to theses tradeshows!)


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