Marketing Coop for Partners & Vendors

Following is an example of how ChannelPartner.News & ICTA promotes our members and helps them promote themselves to both fellow partners and business end-users using a "marketing coop" model to produce social media friendly business videos.

Following are several videos ICTA produced recently for Recommended Vendor ITC Telecom out of Denver and Recommended Members iSymplify and D&M Enterprise out of St. Louis & New Jersey.  

This first video is unedited raw video originally published as a Facebook Live video. ITC's Braun Mincher republished it on his own social media platforms LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook to drive the video view count quite high. This video is a perfect example of how the video doesn't have to be highly produced or polished to be effective.

This second video is designed for iSymplify to share directly with end-users as part of a blog post from their website and on their social media web pages like LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. This video shows an example of a small bit of post-production that places keyword bullet points next to the video.

This final videos are examples of "talking head/subject matter expert" videos designed to showcase the member or vendor (Steve Gerhardt of D&M Enterprise in this case) or as an expert in his or her field. As you can see, we produced four videos from one 30-minute interview with Steve. Having multiple videos allows members to create a "drip marketing" social media campaign where they can publish one video per week over a month or so. Again, a small bit of post production was required to add the frames & keywords.

If you'd like to participate in the ChannelPartner.News & ICTA marketing coop to succinctly create & share the marketing message you need both prospective customers and/or partners to hear about your business, please complete the relevant form from our Program Links page and then contact Dan Baldwin at