Cruising with Broadvoice & Telarus on San Diego Bay 8/29/19

** A Day in the Life of an Independent Project Manager **

After a hard day of a zillion conference calls and emails helping clients get through the bustle of managing a multi-location WAN & VPN it's kind of nice to take a short break to relax with the other sales engineers & fellow PMs at the companies that provide the actual ICT managed services the client is subscribing to.

And that's what I got to do Wednesday of this week, courtesy of Broadboice, a UCaaS/VoIP provider & Telarus, a large national technology services broker. Yep, I got to go on a cruise in San Diego Bay aboard the yacht, "Bella Luna" piloted by Captain John and first mate Brandy. (If you're looking for a San Diego Bay boat event for up to 50 people call Captain John at 619-928-2441).

So the event was very low key and hosts Eric Brooker & Yvette Bratt at Broadvoice and Molly Lozano & Andrew Bowser from Telarus mingled with the 20 partners attending to ensure they understood the benefits of working UCaaS deals with Broadvoice through a master agency like Telarus that ensures the best vendors meet the best partners, consultants & independent project managers.

I did not meet any partners who had sold a Broadvoice deal but I'm looking forward to 1) meeting & interviewing any consultants or partners who've installed a Broadvoice deal, and 2) being part of a Broadvoice end-user deal so I can experience first hand why a business customer would buy & a partner would sell Broadvoice.

I did meet some other really cool partners & consultants though and I'll be interviewing them at this site over the next several weeks.

Here are pics of what you missed:



People I met included Eric Gilmore of Skyecast, Afnan Afache of Telesonic, Mark Carey of ProTel Key Song,  of Nextwave Solutions and several others I hope to interview.

Following is a presentation Eric Beller gave at Telarus Partner Summit 2019 on the "Six Ways to Ensure You're Netework is VoIP Ready"

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