Guess How Long it Takes Windstream to Forward One Number...

I don't know what it is about airplane reservations that cause my customer's phone systems to break but every time I'm about to leave for the airport on a business trip one of my client's old phone systems die.

So my customer uses Windstream to trunk an ancient Lucent phone system and it seems the line card in the Lucent has died because my customer's employees can call each other on the different extensions but they can't call out and calls to their main number get a fast busy.

The customer called Windstream first and Windstream stated they were getting a clear signal to their equipment but the customer's phone system did not seem to be responding. 

So the customer emailed me the ticket number and I asked her if she wanted me to have Windstream call forward her main number to a temporary voicemail box that would take a message, transcribe it and then email it to her. She said that would be great since we didn't know how long it would take to fix the phone system.

So I called the repair number on the Windstream bill at 7am Eastern on a Tuesday. The recording says my expected wait time is 8 minutes. 

After 24 minutes a person finally answers. Unfortunately since the account is a PaeTec legacy account she can't help me and transfers me to another on-hold queue. After another 24 minutes someone else comes on the line and mumbles something about "well you're a Talk America account" and then transfers me to someone else, who then transfers me yet again.

After 52 minutes I finally get connected to someone who takes the call forwarding order and promises it will be effective withing 30 minutes.  My total time on the phone getting this done (and trying not to miss my plane) is 59 and a half minutes.

Long story short, Windsteam has grown by buying a zillion small companies but apparently the mergers are not all complete even after 10 years. 

At least they didn't disconnect me. I was sure that was going to happen right at about 50 minutes.

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