How AppSmart's Acquisition of Microcorp Benefits the Channel

Microcorp's Karen Fields and AppSmart's Renee Bergeron discuss how the acquisition benefits ICT channel partners & their multilocation business customers.

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Hello there Microcorp family I am your host Captain Microcorp himself Christopher Schubert and welcome to our first better together Summit for 2021.

I am super pleased to introduce Renee Bergeron VP and GM from AppSmart. And of course our fearless leader the one who brings the oomph every single time she's on one of these webinars Miss Karin Fields.  

Question 1: Why did Microcorp join AppSmart?

We had some different avenues that we could do for growth and we chose AppSmart. Why well, we have been approached by a number of organizations and it was really interesting every time we just kept back coming back to AppSmart just seemed to fit the cultures are very much in line with the microCorp culture Dan and Nick are just very, you know, they've built an incredible culture that's based on.

On making sure that everybody has what they need and feels good about what's going on and open communication making it fun. They've got trivia. I mean, hey we have trivia day after via that that alone was good enough reason, but more importantly it was also their vision for the future with the marketplace micro corpse been building towards that Marketplace for a while because we feel that that's really how technology advisors

Going to be procuring all of the solutions for their customers and what app Smart has built is tremendous and why not be a part of something huge and awesome. And so it just it just felt right and the timing was perfect. Alrighty. Well Renee first off. Welcome to the micro Corp family. We're happy to have you here. Thank you excited to be here. So Renee, you know we flash back she just two years ago.

No, one had any idea who app Smart was that name the heck didn't even exist at that point, you know, two years later through a lot of strategic Acquisitions. Of course, one of them being my favorite apps for it's grown into a true Force within the channel. So as you're executing your strategy to build the biggest distributor of Technology services in the US and eventually globally, why was micro Corp chosen to be a the next member of the family.

I mean, I'll highlight a lot of the same things that Karen mentioned because that's what we saw as well. So first an alignment in terms of vision both apps more in Mike report believe that our partners need technology in order to focus on their customers, right the back office is got to be something that we handle for them. We've got to bring them the technology.

That makes them efficient and allows them to really focus on their customers really become that trusted advisor to the customer so that technology Vision that microkorg has been driving is where we started out at Absolute. So we started out having the technology and finding that it fits very well this industry. Whereas Michael Court started out in the industry with the knowledge and the process and the relationship and the be

People seeing a need for the technology. So it was kind of you know, I'm meeting in the middle. It was a marriage and arranged marriage May to have right if you think about it. It is just made to happen. So that was a key one the culture once we met Karen and Brad and Phil and the rest of the team, you know, it was clear that the culture was also a line. And then the other thing I talk about is the best practice that microscope has developed over the year.

You know, I love that microkorg has coined the ultimate partner experience because that's our vision and I think that microkorg has invested a lot in creating this ultimate partner experience and we're looking forward to Bringing these best practice to all of that smart. So you mentioned Vision you talked about the technique the role of the technology advisor when you look at app smarts long-term Vision, you know, you know where we going to be two to three years down.

On the road. What is the vision for the Channel with app smart? And why is the channel the direction of app smart as opposed to say a direct sales force or an automated website? Yeah, we're very much being the convergence and Technology starting to transform the channel. So if you go back to ten years ago, you really had a couple different channel, right? And if I was a business owner and I needed technology to fulfill a specific.

Six function I needed to work with all of these channels. You had the Telco channel that was going to provide you the connectivity you had the reseller VAR channel that was going to provide me the software and the infrastructure and you had the SI channel the system integrator that was going to bring me the business application layer. So you fast forward to today and with the cloud now being predominant, you know as a business the business owners are really looking to work.

With fewer set of Partners right partners that can bring in all of the technology they need right and we're seeing our advisors are Partners actually embrace this as an opportunity to expand what they're selling to their customers and the problem that the advisors have is that the supply chain have involved right? If you look at most Master agent, they're still pretty much focus on the connectivity, right?

If you look at the Distributors, they're pretty much focus on this the software in the infrastructure. So if I'm an advisor who wants to provide all of the technology that our customers that the supply chain is not helping them supply chain is complex. And that's a problem. We want to solve would absolutely we want to allow all of our technology advisors all of our agents and partners to expand beyond the connectivity solution to any of the software.

infrastructure and other types of Technology services that their customers need and that allows them to be an even better trusted advisor for them and expense allows them to expand their business and grow it and we have the means behind and to help them with all the expertise competencies and tools so that's really the chef was seeing happening in the market and how we want to help advisors with this ship and then we're saying that that same shift to where our partners are coming to us and saying

There and their customers are demanding that they help them with procurement of things that are outside of their comfort zone. It's not neck. It's not just the network. It's the Office 365 licenses its security it's just storage and and Cloud products and and it's not in their comfort zone and they need someone like micro Corp and ab smart to be able to help them understand what the products are have.

Resources to sales Engineers that can help them find the right Solutions and then be able to present that to the End customer because they're in customers are demanding them to be a One-Stop shop for everything technology.

The big message here for for our community here is that ultimate partner experience that you've come to know and love isn't going anywhere. It's absolutely something that is shared within the app Smart DNA as well. And that's why this this coming together of these two Titans is going to be an awesome thing. Now that being said though, we all know, you know mergers and Acquisitions are are a daily thing in the channel. They're kind of new for master agency's overall but our partners

Some shell-shocked from multiple ones that have gone horribly over the years. I've been a part where to those Karen when the when these things happen. We're all told the term business as usual which unfortunately due to some of those other things that have caused fright for a lot of folks. Can you can you speak to the micro Corp community on what they should be expecting for 2021 as well as your personal long-term plan.

Well personally long-term. Let's let's start with that my grandmother passed away at a hundred and five and her sisters were a hundred and two and a hundred and one so longevity runs in my family and the thought of retirement terrifies me because what the heck am I going to do? So I'm not looking to retire or anything. I'm actually incredibly excited about

everything that app smarts doing and I want to be a part of it I can't wait as far as business as usual everything that micro Corp is our foundation our core values who we are that's staying exactly the same and we are planning out a thoughtful transition of our migration into the app Smart family it will probably take quite a few months nothing that you have will

It will only get better. So AB smart is rolling out prison, which is going to be there commissioning system. We will not be moving on to prism until prism has all the features and functionality that you can expect an Eco office and then some more so you'll get the better and the best once we're all together, but nothing will change as far as the support all the people have come with micro Corp everything.

That you that helps you to do what you need to do for to support your customers. You're going to have the exact same experience. We're not making it. We're not changing it or enhancing it and supersizing it. We're making it the ultimate ultimate partner experience. I like that start that hashtag today. I can join in. You know, I think this is super important. What can just Dad and I'll join her commitment by giving you my own commitment as

Out exactly what Karen said because you know, we're not that I'm smart. We're not happy shop that is you know, buying a business kind of spitting out the people just folding it into an existing kind of swimming right? We are constantly with every acquisition looking at best practice and how you know, the old saying of one plus one equals three. Well, hopefully it will stem right in this case and the we know for a fact

fact that Mike rugg Webb has you know some best practice and we will be bringing them to all of that smart. The other thing I would ask your commitment as part of this process that keep us keep us honest. Keep tell us what what's working what's not working because we're doing all of this for you to help you and to ensure that you have is Ultimate part need experience. And so your feedback is absolutely

Uterus and we're going to be very alert to it and just we value it tremendously. So please help us that way and that's why we just decided to go with apps Mart. Well as much as I'd like to drop the mic on that wonderful saying we got some more questions here and quick thing to our audience if you have a question for Renee or care and or both, please pop that in the chat window. So Renee to you AB smart has made its Mark with

With software as a service and particularly the idea of taking all of the different applications that live on a on a customer's desktop and building them into a single interface a single Billing System and really become that one stop shop for everything that's on that desktop. We're do you where do you see the power of that product line? And how do you see it impacting our partners in 2021? I think that one of the power of the technology we

and I've you know had the pleasure of being in this industry specifically around Marketplace and Technology distribution, and I seen it a number of platform quite honestly, I think the real differentiator in our platform is not only the transaction capability, but the the the mapping to our advisor journey and

and the the tools we provide that enhance the customer the end customers experience. So let me kind of double click on both of those. So those three I'm stealing that I'd let me double-click on something. I'm stealing that one. That's a good one. No, so first one is the transaction lies day. Yes. I'm Marketplace needs to be able to help an advisor fine by in manage technology. Right and we have that that's kind of table steak and quite honestly, that's where

What any solution out there is is aiming at doing and we think that that's just kind of the starting point. What we've been working on is adding some some technology some tools that enhance our advisors experience. So we've looked at, you know, a technology advisors and everything. They need every step of the way starts out with a service locator, right? They have a customer. They want to know what services are

Are available at that address at that floor level, even you know, and who are the providers that can support services at that end customers? So that's the first tool set, you know, then it moves into automated quoting right? So the ability to have self service quoting you can still call us you can still you know, submit forms around it. But if that's your preference you also have self service which can be pretty powerful if you're in front of

The customers right and you move down the line marketing is another key aspect as well. Right? If you want to launch them prepackaged campaigns around specific Solutions, then we can help with the out smart marketer. So that's just an example of a number of tools along the way that enhance that basic Marketplace transaction capability and it's really designed for technology advisor. So that's the second kind of done it and then the third one which is

Nor for the End customer is tied to the workspace. We provide and this is something that we will certainly do a lot more education around but imagine being able to not only provide your customer as a technology advisor. You're not only providing your customer that technology. You're also providing them the workspace that gives them access to that technology. So it's a little bit like if you were the iPhone right you have an app store.

In there that allows you to buy technology for your customers, but once you buy it, it becomes a tile right in their work space so they can click and easily access technology. We think that that's a game-changer because it's going to drive loyalty between your view as a partner in your customers and it's going to really reinforce that trusted advisor relationship so long as you know, that's that's a great answer and for for all of our Junior

It's that are watching this here today. This is all part of what we've been chatting about. But as with all things it's taking something you've been doing for years and just spending it a different way. We've been selling the idea of the all-in-one solution for bandwidth and voice Services. We've been doing that for decades, but now we're talking about owning that desktop and that workspace as well and all think of all this silly apps that you log into every single day just to get your work done. Imagine all of those.

Dated to one spot one bill now. I'm to relearn everything folks. You're just learning some new ways of doing what you've proven that you can do day in and day out and that's where the the apps Marketplace and all those software is this as a service solutions. We're going to come to help benefit you in 2021 and your customers and your own customers because studies keep showing ease of use a single pane of glass for your end customers to go and look at everything that they have.

Able to work with one technology advisor on their full Soup To Nuts what they're doing ease of use. That's that's what we're going to provide with app smart and micro Corp awesome. So we're getting ready to go to questions guys. Again keep hitting those Melissa's collating what those questions are going to be. But Karen will give you one final one here. This has been a great discussion. And again Renee super happy to have you as part of our family here. We might even get you a superhero costume. It's on order just be ready.

Turn what's the big takeaway from all this? What's the what's the one thing you want this community? That is followed you for years. What do you want them to take away from this? Yeah, six months. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

That this is the right move for our industry partnering micro Corp with as an AB smart company. You're getting the best of the best the ultimate ultimate partner experience. We're not changing. We're enhancing everything right Hanson your ability to engage with your partners and your end users and a much more unified way talking about everything.

They're doing not just the network because they don't want you to help them just with a network. They want you to be a part of their entire technology and spend and through apps more. You can do that. We're all staying we're all here. We're not doing anything different. We're just getting better. So truly truly better when together.

Awesome. Awesome will let thank you for working better when together back into it that personally makes me happy. Alright guys got a couple minutes for questions here looking at the board. We've got a couple of questions that are really I'm going to kind of group together here that are centered around other Acquisitions that app Smart has made, you know one very near and dear to my heart is see NSG, of course, so from from a business as usual concept, you know, what is the strategy, you know?

Or in long term for working for our micro Court partner managers and say the CNS G managing Partners or their Channel managers. Are they are they intermingling at this point? Are they staying separate where we at with CNS G versus micro Corp

yeah, I mean the themes are separate today, but we're starting to do with the leadership of Karen and math on CNS G which is still part of the app Smart team is to look at where we've got overlap and how do we best serve Partners if there is such an olap as Karen mentioned it's going to take us a couple months to to Really, you know, merge all of our operations and really integrate as a

And as a go-to-market team, but in the meantime, I mean, we're all part of one single leadership team and you know, we're all very focused on doing the right thing by partner. So we're just, you know, starting to work on these and and identifying these overlaps and figuring out what's the best thing for for our partners and I get us some of that might have a little bit of inside knowledge for our partner in a provider Community one of the

Nick things about app smarts Acquisitions is that with the master agents that they brought on board there is really isn't a lot of overlap. Micro Corp is a dominant force in in our areas of the country seeing as G as their dominance wtg. Tell aggression had their areas of we really don't have a whole lot of our partners and comment with respect to the branch iziz and the managing Partners. They all kind of run their business on their own as as a managing partner of the CNS G community and you'll continue to work with them bottom on bottom.

Guys We're not gonna do anything is going to upset the partner Community. We want you to work with who you want to work with. We want you to continue to be successful and it's a big message, right? There's very little overlap and a lot of what we do complements each other not competes in any way shape or form and everything moving forward is going to be very thoughtful and how it could possibly impact our partners in any way that would be different and different doesn't necessarily mean

A problem it's just different and so we're trying to make it as seamless and as easy as possible and one thing that we have done which addresses a question I see in the chat here is among our different divisions within app Smart. We are we are already United in terms of being able to place business between the organization's. So in terms of commission tears are the same across all of the divisions. There's no competition weird stuff going on there and

We're working in the exclusive app Smart carriers into the micro Corp Community as we speak as well as a couple micro Corp, exclusive carriers are being worked into the app Smart communities as well. So all that stuff is becoming better when together see what we insert a micro drinking game whenever I say that another big early. I've got somewhere one question. We did a have, you know business as usual it. Is it still business as usual for quotes for new?

New and existing customers until further notice everything the way that you work with micro Corp the way that you engage is exactly the same way you go to the same people the same Eco office everything the same channel managers within the organization's we are going to have some changes coming down the path as far as working with our providers and working with maybe a few different Channel managers, but it really shouldn't be anything that is going to rock anybody's world.

Well speaking of Ryan Word file and we're going to be very thoughtful if there are any changes in terms of communicating it. Yeah, so giving you plenty of lead time to ask questions and make sure you're comfortable with any changes that are going on in the same way that microkorg has introduced technology over the past few years, you know, we talked about business as usual. I was reflecting myself. I don't even know what business is usually between the pace at which as companies we

technology with to the pandemic that's been you know our existence for the past year. I really don't know what business as usual is, but you have a commitment that we're going to be thoughtful as we introduce any new technology any changes in the same way. Michael court has done over the years. Yeah. Oh and if you, you know, did your quotes with our cable team our cable team is still there. You're still got to pledge with our cable team if you worked with Jillian.

our Cindy or Erica or Tricia or Gordon you're still going to work with all of those same people who know phone numbers have changed no emails addresses of changed at this time eventually they will but it's it's it's not happening right now and we will communicate well in advance when they will start to change over so we have one more question answering question that's kind of in the chat from our provider Community as we got a good chunk of our providers

is on here as well you know from a provider perspective micro Corp and app smart are remaining separate for the 20 21 Seasons especially with our MDF plans and our sponsorship packages that we do for individual providers that put the emphasis in the marketing into our respective communities those will remain separate yes one-on-one is still on schedule we hope let's do is I cough that's not a good thing 101 is on

We will be continuing down that path for 2021 but it's going to be later in the year. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'll be later in the year. I'll get a little shots and we'll be back in back in business. Hopefully by Vegas, right? But I do have a final question. I'll see which one of you is more Saucy to answer this one of the great final question. Although we are operating from from alignment perspective separate for 2021. What is the long-term future of the brand Mike record?

You get to take that one for an egg. So under the brand and but it's going to be a transition right? It's important for us that all Michael Court advisors agents Partners feel that AB smart and Mike report for one of the same before we start changing how we call each other's right, so it'll be a transition.

at the end of the day we are going to be one company and will operate under one brand but you know we'll do this progressively once we know that that are microkorg Community is as comfortable with with the the bigger organization with the grader app smart and with any changes I think as we ask that question because he wanted to know if he can continue to do wear a superhero

costume and now those videos well maybe but now it is really for our folks out there and this is my commitment as well as the headsails honcho around here what we have built at micro Corpus something special and that's not going anywhere folks if anything is going to help to augment what app Smart is and to help our Collective goal as one family one team to really change the way the channel operates and to help all every single one of you guys out there

The best technologist you can possibly be how about not change and Hance the way pants. I like that. I had the channel operates Melissa. You're hitting me saying wait, we do have one more wall. Right? What's this better be a Humdinger? Because that last one was pretty darn good. This is from Becky coal at DC blotched. It will providers need to do training with the separate sales teams in each of the companies or will there be an all-inclusive training to get everyone ramped up simultaneously that I will take that one. That's a great.

Question the bridges between the organization's from a provider standpoint are still being built. We're just a month into this. So for right now for our provider Community, please look at us as separate individuals for the moment and then we'll help you build those bridges as we get a little bit closer, especially for those because I know that the folks that are exclusive one way or the other you're all knocking on our doors at once. We love you. We will get to you and we because we want to make sure you get launched properly into the individual ecosystems as we become one.

But with that I want to thank our awesome guests by the way, don't leave. We got a super duper announcement coming on right after this, so don't leave anybody. We're watching this log ons, but Karen Renee. Thank you. So very very much for joining us for our first better win together. You guys are awesome preciate you thank you. Everybody. Have a great week. Have a great week. Bye. Bye.

All right. Well mighty one that was pretty darn cool loves having Renee on here. Love to Evan our group but we got more we got more. So I guess I'm going to have to ask a put out a superhero call for my favorite partner in crime. Mr. Starkey. Here we go. I'm sending out the bat signal here for mr. Starkey the Starkey man who the star key signal I like this. Yeah, give me two seconds here. We will bring in the Starkey man his

Flying in from a very far distance of Charlotte, North Carolina. Well, if anyone ever saw the videos, we know how he flies there's a little fan involved and challenge is a little challenge sort of weird sort of weird weird weird weird. All right, it's Paul get started here just a little bit of setup because that as I stall for time, of course folks, one of the things that came out at previous discussion was the need for tools and to help enable our technology advisors.

To be more successful and to believe or not be successful in the field because we know we know some of you are starting to get out there a little bit and hopefully by the time this year is over we're back to where we need to be in order to really be super successful. We want to have awesome tools available to you. And as I am now joined by the world famous star key man, we only talk about a fabulous new tool that has been added to your superhero belt as available today and without further Ado drumroll.

Tycho app is here. All right, so our crack it team at micro Corp has been working for a very long time on building out what we want to have as the ultimate mobile experience for you guys out there a wonderful tool set that will call the ultimate cloud and Telecom tool set in your pocket.

So the big thing here is you guys love Eco office formerly known as Nautilus and occasionally you catch us echoing. Uh, so that you stop that but with Eco office you guys have come to know as the absolute best back office in the entire industry and Eco hero as the most revolutionary platform for interfacing directly with your customers and having a real customer facing Netflix Ian service that you can utilize to go on a solution Journey with your customers. Well now Paul. Oh my goodness.

Can all that put in the palm of their hand for anytime anywhere access? Oh, oh, oh Lordy. So when you download this little app today available on your Google Play or Apple iPhone stores. If you've got a Windows Phone throw it out the window and I mean seriously, come on guys. It's 2021. But the first thing you're going to notice is that Coley new experience in the palm of your hand driven by this really cool Dynamic home screen this time to keep you informed with all the latest and

Latest stuff coming from micro Corp, you love the stuff. We do on LinkedIn boom. It's here. If you love our micro Court moment. Boom. It's here with instantaneous news and alerts. Absolutely. And in addition to that that same technology kind of focus that we used about the journey with Eco Hero has also transferred over as well. So if you look at it, you know when you actually know, of course you can see on the screen now, but when you actually get your hand if you want to talk to Providers solution, if you were to look at that latest spiff if you want to look at the latest piece of news if you want to

Get the Eco finder, which we'll talk about later. It's all right there and it's easy to find so you don't have to spend a lot of time fumbled around you go exactly where you want to go and start that Journey right off. Yeah, trust me. We have a lot of quality control here at micro Corp and some app challenged individuals and we can make an easy enough for them. We know it's easy enough for you guys. Yes.

So the big thing is, you know, you know, I love my providers. I love every single one of you guys out here. We want to make sure your information was easy to find as well. So when you hit that provider button boom agreed list of our micro Corp providers with latest and greatest sales content that you guys have an Eco hero news flash. You don't have to re-upload anything. You don't have to change it. You don't have to optimize it. It's all there and ready to rock and roll for you to get the latest enablement tools right on the go.

Speaking of latest you also get the latest contact information. So if you're sitting there and you're like who is the person for North Carolina pull it in you can find your natural. You can find your local and instant right there on the device.

And Lord knows we never have to change contact lists. Now. The next piece of this is sometimes you're from the customer. You don't know what provider you want to offer cool, but you do know the solutions right? Because you're a great technologists and you're asking those questions. Well here you get to explore by the individual solution to see an aggregate view of all the provider information. So it's all right there and then Paul we cooked up some special Bentley. We did the Eco assistant. Imagine a world where you're sitting there.

And you're talking to your customer and you're thinking hey, I'd they need a solution. But how do I take that information in and be able to get it to my solution engineer EQ assistant? It literally can go through and it's it ask questions in the things that you'll be asking other things that your engineers going to want to know later. So it actually it's like it's like you're it's like you're super hero assistant is your Eco assistant right there with you to help make sure you're the hero in the end. We could have called it Alfred or Jarvis, but we would have gotten sued. I'm sure but guys this.

Is awesome because this gives you all the really cool tool sets all the questions to ask. If you don't know what to ask about security questions are there you don't know what to ask about sdy in there there and then you have the choice of keeping them for yourself an email yourself a copy of them or you can send those directly over to Chris Donlon Brian Funkhouser and the engineering team to help take you on the next step of that solution Journey.

Now your salespeople, right? We know what you really care about we care about those spiffs man. Those crazy deals that are going out in the contact center. Ucaas Cloud world's today. So if you're you know, if you're making a choice apples and apples, but who's gonna pay me a little bit more. We got your spiff action handled as well so quickly just hit that spit button filter off by the solution or by the provider that you're searching for or just maybe look for who's got the big bucks and you can also search by solution or

So if you're like mmm, I've got the solution. I'm just trying to find a me just lay them all out, but you could do it literally sitting in their Lobby walk in the fuck them the information. Is that mobile it's ready for you because no one ever makes a decision based on compensation ever, right?

All right. Now, this is something this is a brand spanking new tool. Maybe even looking this going. Well, I've got a lot of this stuff in Eco hero today and ma'am. Maybe I'm not a nap guy. Well, we've got a brand new tool set that's available today in both our Eco app and over an Eco hero. It's called Eco finder is yeah. We have throw Eco on everything guys. This is going to be a it doesn't brand-new serviceability tool if you use the old one and Noddles, it's there at the window. We're talking the most accurate.

An up-to-date service locator in the business today providing you all the information on copper and cable and fiber fixed Wireless. All right there every single access method just simply pop in your address will see it show you a demo of that here in just a couple minutes to you know, you'll be able to see every single service that's available at a particular location, but that's not all is it Paul? No, and while you're standing at that location before you even leave you can actually request

Quest pricing and start the process on the site anywhere anytime including finding pricing with locations boom interface with your IP SMS p.m. Team get that quote request Orleans and get that in your hot little hands ASAP.

now y'all love Eco office formerly known as Nautilus now we've taken all that powerful information now those questions you want to email us on at 2 a.m. in the morning well guess what you have to email us in check this out on your app your full virtual back office every single piece of it that is in Eco office today is now available via the app in a whole new interface

and if you're on the go so if you're if you're sitting there and you're thinking hey what is my commission going to be this month oh I want to do I want to request to report I want to go in there and find out you know Hey where's that big order where is it sitting you don't have to be tied to your computer anymore not even your laptop you can do it while someone else is driving it you just write down the road you can be checking things all the time it's really gives you that instant access to the back office that you need but now it's just so much more

Viet yeah order status alone is a huge piece and a quick disclaimer. Please don't use this while you're driving bad idea. All of this guy's is about our continued commitment, which will continue into app Smart to have knowledgeable people on the front line, but Innovative tools on demand last year. We introduced Eco hero the ultimate solution Journey the best pre-sales portal in the industry today Eco office the best back office in the industry today, but instead of having

Ooh logins and to websites and all that fun stuff. Hey, y'all got on eco app everything together in one site right in the palm of your hand on your latest Apple or Google device.

Now you've gone what crashes show me a bunch of PowerPoint slides. That's okay. We've got a quick Journey For You on eco app recorded by the lovely Melissa. There's a quick three-minute video. It's going to give you the top Services of our the top tools available in Eco app and oh, yeah, this will be posted to our YouTube page in just a few moments Melissa hit that beautiful play button.

A new tool has been added to your superhero belt. Welcome to Eco app where you can take all of the benefits of the entire micro Corp ecosystems with you anywhere anytime to drive your business in order to download the app. You can find it at the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. When you download the app, it'll appear on your home screen with a blue background in three micro Corp white moons. You will click into the app and it will take you to the

login page for today it's automatically going to take us to that home page this home page features a featured banner and a news feed this news feed shows you all of the real-time information from micro Corp with news and alerts so that you are informed you can also find the four buttons at the bottom of the screen the providers button the solutions button the spiff button in the events button all of these buttons connect you to Eco hero

ow so it's in the palm of your hand with one touch you'll never be without your sales enablement and marketing tools to show you one we're going to click into providers as you can see the shows you all the providers with an Eco hero with one touch will click into 8 by 8 and we will see all of eight by eight incredible content ready for your viewing then we'll click that left upper back arrow that is going to take us back to the homepage then

Something awesome and amazing that is here for your benefit to make your life easier. It's Eco finder where you can identify serviceable locations and providers for connectivity. When we click into it. You're going to type in an address today. We have the micro Corp home office and you'll be able to see all of the serviceable providers. You can then click request pricing and then you'll click on the providers you would like to use today will click on copy and see crown castle.

And CenturyLink, then you can type in any specific quote details that you'd like and then you'll press submit and Wallah you have now sent a request to our pricing team then next to the Eco finder. You'll find the contact button where you can contact your partner manager or you can reach out to a provider contact by region and or state

and last but not least Eco office here for you in the palm of your hand any time of day, you can click into my customers and see all of the customers that you have. You can click into open orders and see every open order that you have and you can click into Open tickets. This will show you all your Open tickets.

And then you have your commission summary which will show you a breakdown of all of your commissions for the month then if you click back to the homescreen, that'll take you to the overall Newsfeed. And then in this top right there's a message function where you can chat with people as you can see there is your all your unread and your flag. So if there's something you'd like to follow up with you can and all of this hits you.

Palm of your hand. We are so excited about Eco app and we hope you are too. If you have any questions on it. Please let us know or reach out to your partner manager.

All right. Well first off thanks for a DJ Melissa, although I think we missed an opportunity to have you kind of dub your voice as we were going through that demo. That would have been awesome. All right. Hey, hey Paul for our for our Gen X and above Generations. We explain what that weird little old thing is or on the side. Yes, we knew you may be excited right now to download these different apps.

So if you click on this QR code my back all you do is hold your phone up to it with a camera. You don't even have to go to a QR Scanner anymore. Your camera will scan on this it will basically figure out if your Android and your for Google Play or if your iPhone 4 for the App Store and it would immediately take you there so you can get it because we want you to have it we want you to we want everyone I mean certain apps have been removed recently. You don't replace them with this app. Go with this one Eco app runs the world just make sure to search

search for Eco with e e KO and you'll be right there.

absolutely we are so excited this is this is this is what the vision the dream of Eco hero is that next giant leap for because this has taken all that call the great things that are part of the micro Corp ecosystems and make it a mogul anywhere anytime awesomesauce all right guys Melissa as my my lovely Ed McMahon to my Johnny Carson again a reference no one under the age of 35 got any questions that we've got from the

Well, we have a couple of awesome questions. So rice says do providers have access to Eco app. I just download and try to login and I do not have access. So Bryce. If you do not have an Eco office login or an Eco hero login, then we will need to get you set up with one. However, your Eco app login is your Eco hero and Eco office log in one single login.

Sounds good. Awesome. Great point that goes for partners to if you haven't got your login or if you forgot what it is reach out to us and we'll get you taken care of. Absolutely. Then we have from Becky pool at DC blocks. Do you plan to add features in the awesome Eco app for providers to see and pay invoices a checklist of what's included in our sponsorship and what's been completed or a calendar of upcoming local agent event that we might want to participate in great question. So this is a app that is designed for our partner Community First now we love our

Riders and we appreciate that question Becky but those will still be something to work with our super best friend team in the provider success initiatives on this is going to be designed for all the tools that our partners need in the palm of their hands when they're out there great question though. Awesome and then we get some Kudos from John over at Verge X. Fantastic job. Micro Court team. You guys are going away above and the best in the industry. Oh, well, okay, we'll take that as well.

Well guys one. Thank you so much for joining us today for better when together. I hope you've seen that there's gonna be a little bit different to what we did last year. You know, we're not a whole lot of product dumps info dumps etcetera. We want you to give you have some really cool conversational conversation starters and some great information to drive your day. We're gonna be back in February right after Presidents Day with a big huge Monumental announcement if you thought Eco app was

Daisy just wait, we've got some coming up in February as literally going to knock your socks off and balls. I remember some old change the way the partners do business. Oh, yeah, it's coming. So we'll see you back in February for the next better when together some want to thank obviously start command putting everything together and my fabulous co-host the always Mighty Melissa. See y'all next time guys until until then stay better when together.

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