Identify, Investigate, Prioritize & Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities Using Powernet & Tenable

Powernet, a carrier MSP (managed services provider) that leads with heavy engineering support, through its independent security consultant partners, is offering complimentary security vulnerability scans for up to 50 IPs until 11/30/19 using the highly rated platform.

See the following video for an overview of how the solution is used by Powernet security consultants to identify, investigate, prioritize & eliminate security vulnerabilities from the cloud.

If you're not offering complimentary high-end vulnerability scans to all your existing clients and prospects over the next 30 days, someone else will be (me and every other Powernet security consultant).

View the following video to learn more about how Powernet (a women owned business) independent consultants apply engineering heavy managed services to solve client challenges.

Following are the main highlights from a recent webinar showcasing Powernet's security vulnerability program (click to view slide deck) to current and prospective Powernet independent security consultants. A YouTube video of the webinar appears at the very end.

Vulnerability Management Program "Self Awareness" Questions to Ask Business Clients & Prospects

  1. Does your business or organization have compliance concerns?

  2. Does your business or organization have a functioning vulnerability management program in place?

  3. How does your business or organization handle the remediation of vulnerabilities in a timely manner?

  4. What is your business or organization's primary security concern?

  5. How many seperate locations are connected on your business or organization's WAN (wide area network)?

  6. How may seperate computers, servers and/or other appliances are on your individual location LANs (local area network)?

  7. How robust is your IT department and do they have the extra labor hours needed to "do the laundry, mow the lawn & take our the trash" with regards to security vulnerability management?

Security Vulnerability Basics

  1. What's a Vulnerability? A "vulnerability" is any computer network security "weakness". Hackers are constantly probing your WAN & LAN to find and exploit your weaknesses to perform unauthorized actions within and from your network that can A) prevent your employees from using your own computer network, and B) expose your business or organization to financial liability due to damages to others originating from your hacker compromised computer network.

  2. How do Vulnerabilities Happen? Vulnerabilities are security network weaknesses that occur due to missing software patches, mis-configured devices, out-of-date systems, out-of-date software and/or software/firmware that is poorly coded or missing industry accepted best practices. 

  3. How are Vulnerabilities Eliminated? By creating or contracting for a "Vulnerability Management Program" businesses and organizations are able to identify, classify, prioritize, remediate and mitigate security vulnerability risks.

How Does the Powernet/Tenable Vulnerability Management Program Work?

  1. Discovery: software scans help Powernet discover the vulnerabilities

  2. Reporting: software aids Powernet in reporting on the security vulnerabilities discovered

  3. Prioritization: Powernet's one-on-one customer meetings help prioritize critical, high-level items over items that pose a smaller risk

  4. Remediation: Powernet's expert engineering staff remediates vulnerability issues for customers ensuring they are secure

What's the Vulnerability Management Program Implementation Process?

  1. Pre-Scoping Call
  2. Onboarding
  3. Software Installation
  4. Scan Performance
  5. Report Creation
  6. Customer Report Review

What Does the Regular Report Look Like?



How Does the Complimentary Scan Work?

  • Client selects up to 50 internal IP and 10 external IP addresses to be scanned at one location
    • Target high-profile internal devices such as data center servers, etc.
    • Ideal external targets are firewalls and publicly facing web sites
  • Powernet provides the scan and then produces the report
  • The typical timeframe for the complimentary scan is three weeks
  • Remediation is provided to clients who subscribe to a paid service 

Powernet Managed Services Solutions: Security, IT Managed Services, DirecTV, Cell Phone Boosters, Wi-Fi, Voice, Data, Contact Center & Cloud Billing

Industries & Verticals that Powernet Specializes in Serving: Education, Contact Centers, Healthcare, Public Venues, Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), Hospitality, Non-Profit

The Powernet Team Supporting Independent Security Consultants


Vulnerability Management Program Webinar for Independent Security Consultants

Become a Powernet Independent Consultant & Sales Partner

Because Powernet has no minimum sales volume commitments (as of October 2019) you can get a direct agreement with Powernet without alot of stress. To learn more about how you can become an independent Powernet security consultant so you can offer complimentary security vulnerability scans to your clients and prospects using the Powernet + Tenable combo, email [email protected]

You can also access Powernet through one of several master agents including Telarus, Microcorp & Sandler Partners if you're already with one of these master agants and you'd rather not sign another agreement.

Become a Powernet Customer

If you'd like to get more information about becoming a Powernet business customer, email an inquiry to [email protected] or to get referred to an experienced Powernet partner and association member in your area.

Powernet Security Vulnerability Scan Program Marketing & Sales Collateral

Managed Vulnerability PDF Flyer,

Webinar PDF Slides

Sevice PDF Agreement,

Vulnerability Managment Solution Systems Compared

Any vulnerability managment solusion (VMS) is going to be better than not having a VMS or hoping that your "in-house" person does VMS. ("Doesn't Nick Burn's our company's computer guy do that?")

But to make sure Powernet didn't choose a bottom of the barrel VMS software, we did a bit of researching to see what the interwebs has to say about different VMS solutions and below is what we found.

Gartner Rankings of Vulnerability Assessment Tools

Of the five tools labeled by Gartner as "Customers' Choice 2019", three were Tenable products.

But even the best VMS tool is only as good as the solution provider using it and that's where businesses IT departments win when they contract for their Tenable VMS service through Powernet.

Instead of having overworked, in-house IT guys having to acquire, learn and manage one more network software solution they can rely on the trained and experinced Powernet engineers (all US-based employees - not contractors) to consistently monitor, report and remediate vulnerability challenges month after month so the actual in-house IT staff can focus on higher-level IT issues.

Who Else is Doing Vulnerability Managment?

I did a deep dive into my email inbox to see what other vendors have used the keyword "vulnerability" in email solicitations and here's what I found.

Centurylink & Masteragent TBI/TechGuidance emailed a "free external vulnerability scan" to prospects who attended a high-end lunch & learn at a Chicago Steakhouse. I missed the lunch but I'll follow-up with TBI to discover what I missed.

RapidFireTools by Kaseya emailed me a link to download a "Security-as-a-Service" e-book describing how MSPs can setup their own white-label program to offer VMS to their customers using a Kaseya RapidFireTool set I imagine. This sounds interesting except I don't have the bandwidth myself to use the tool results for my client. I would need to find an MSP who is an expert in using this tool.

Masteragent TBI promoted Corvid Cyberdefense for vulnerability management in an email including a comprehensive list of security solutions that TBI vendors offer as part of "National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)". The email included a link to TBI's security page which included a link to this Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scans "battle card" that provides an overview of all TBI vendors' vulnerability solutions. We'll learn what we can from this information and share it here in the near future.

AT&T Business using AlienVault® emailed an overview on how I can help my customers improve security with the "Unified Security Management® platform using AlienVault® Unified Security Management (USM) Anywhere™". Wow, you just know a room full of lawyers put that solution name together.

Once I get my head wrapped around the Powernet Tenable combo as a benchmark & point of departure I'm going to reach out to the different masteragents to see how they believe their security packages compare.

In The End it's About "What's the Monthly Cost & Who Does the Work?"

Security-as-a-Service isn't free and it's only a "useful service" if some security expert somewhere is actually reading the reports and doing the remediation.

As we explore who does what best and for what monthly price, we'll publish what we find here so check back often.


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