Your Invitation to Join Our "Lighthouse Tech Sales Club" (LTSC)

ChannelPartner.News is creating a "Lighthouse Tech Sales Club (LTSC)" for both experienced and new channel partners interested in being one of the first professionals to sell new ICT (information & communications technology) solutions to "early adopter" business customers just as the new ICT solutions are coming into the marketplace.

The "Lighthouse" term comes from the 1962 book Diffusion of Innovations where author Everett M. Rogers first used the term "early adopter" and awarded the moniker "lighthouse customer" to those businesses that seek out and incorporate new technologies ahead of their competitors to maintain and grow marketplace advantages.

Channel partners who join LTSC will be invited to engage in a fun monthly sales competition of a new service, learn first hand from customers whether the service has a future and, most importantly, be able to promote their sales expertise in new tech solutions.

Active participation in LTSC will take about 5 hours per month; one hour for a conference call/training presentation from the technology provider we've selected to try to sell that month, three hours or so trying to sell the new technology service to business prospects and then one final hour on a contest wrap conference call sharing feedback and learning from the experiences of the other partners in the club about their experiences that month.

The "Lighthouse Tech Award" you see to the left will given to partners, vendors and customers who actively engage in the LTSC program for the purpose of "road testing" new technology solutions for the purpose of maximizing their benefits for the wider marketplace.

If you're interested in joining LTSC as a partner, vendor or business end-user, please email Dan Baldwin at [email protected]m with "I'd Like to Join LTSC" in the email subject line.

New information and updates about this program will be published at

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