Is BroadbandNow the Best Bandwidth Provider Finder by ZIP Code?

As a professional business technology consultant, my multi-location clients expect me to generate local internet bandwidth solution options that at equal to or better than the ones they could generate by querying their own local branch managers. It never looks good to present my "best solution" proposal only to learn that I did not know about a new low-priced fiber provider that my client learns about from their local manager - but not me.

The "master agencies" and "cloud brokers" that most of us put our client orders through all have web-based "bandwidth finders" that let you know what the prices are of different service providers. Unfortunately all these master agency tools have one fundamental flaw - they only include the solution providers the master agency contracts with. As pirate Will Turner would say, "That's not good enough!"

Is BroadbandNow Good Enough?

I'm in the process of putting together a 50 location managed VPN (virtual private network) for a multi-location client using local cable coax internet backed up by 4G wireless internet. It's an awesome solution except for the 25% of the locations where cable coax is unavailable.

The reseller I'm putting the deal through offered standard (and overpriced) telco carrier solutions like EoF (Ethernet over fiber) but at budget busting prices like over $1,000/mo for a measly 10meg circuit. (Not very appetizing when Comcast charges under $200 for a 50/10meg circuit).

While searching for any other local "Joe's Internet" service in several backwater locations for my client I stumbled across the website while looking for "fixed wireless" providers.  (Fixed wireless providers deliver synchronous broadband speeds of 3meg and up by putting a microwave dish on the customer's roof at what can be a very reasonable price.)

The BroadbandNow website is awesome because it's the only one I've found that comes close to including all the internet service providers in a given ZIP code that a business customer might find on their own - including the fixed wireless providers that the master agency and cloud broker broadband finders websites almost never include.

Can BroadbandNow Afford to Stay Current?

As much as I like the BroadbandNow site because it helped my locate high-quality, low-cost internet service providers that are not on other, corporate funded broadband finder websites, I'm concerned that BroadbandNow won't be able to stay current due to the high cost of the labor required to keep such a site current.

To learn if BroadbandNow was funded by a millionaire or had some unseen source of sustaining revenue I recorded an audio podcast with Nick Reese, one of the founders that you can listen to at this link

I took the liberty of putting Nick in touch with the people I know in the industry who've made a small fortune matching broadband seekers to broadband dealers. If they all can find a co-operative way to co-exist on the web I'm hoping they'll deliver the best "unfiltered" broadband finder on the web that's always current with hard to find providers.

To learn more about how BroadbandNow will be evolving in the future feel free to contact Nick at [email protected]


Other Broadband Internet Carrier Finder Websites

If you successfully use other websites that show which providers offer broadband internet bandwidth services for a specific geographic locations, please email the website info to Dan Baldwin at [email protected] so we can consider it for listing here. 

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