Master Agent Recovers "Lost" Commissions

alan-sandler.jpgLOS ANGELES - Sandler Partners, America’s fastest growing distributor of connectivity and cloud services, announced today that its groundbreaking Commissions Integrity Program, which proactively audits commissions and SPIFF payments to its agent partners, has recovered $2 million for agent partners since the program was introduced in January 2013. Unlike the commissions recovery programs of other master agencies that require agents to report missing compensation, the Sandler Partners program proactively audits commission payments on behalf of its partners.

“We are fortunate to be working with the best agents in the business,” said Alan Sandler, founder and managing partner of Sandler Partners. “When you’re working with the best, you want them to be able to focus on growing their businesses and taking care of their customers, not being caught in the trap of having to earn their commissions twice — first selling the customer and again when they have to hound their master agency to track down their payments.

“I am proud of our commissions team for developing this program and delivering for our agent partners,” said Sandler. “It’s just another example of the partner-oriented innovation we strive for at all levels of our company. Like anyone else, we will work any error an agent partner discovers, but we usually find it first, plus we find many errors agent partners would not normally find on their own.”

The $2 million recovery does not count the future compensation partners receive from errors found today. “If we factor in the future impact of this effort, we’re securing at least $10 million in future commissions — if not tens of millions when considering Evergreen and other factors — for our partners that they otherwise might have missed,” Sandler said. “Our commissions team gets emails every day from our partners thanking them for having their back.”


Sandler Partners

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