Nominate a Recommended Provider for a Specific Category

1. In the space below please add the COMPANY NAME of the VENDOR solution provider you're recommending or FIRST & LAST NAME if you're recommending a PARTNER solution provider followed by a SINGLE SPECIFIC CATEGORY you're recommending them for (see all categories at Any PARTNER may nominate a partner (including themselves) or vendor into any category.  Only PAID TA vendors may nominate themselves into a vendor category. Vendors nomination categories need to be very specific. Partner categories can be more generic like "Telecom Consultant" but with a city or state metro qualifier like "Dallas/Fort Worth" or "Southern California".

2. In the text box that pops up, paste the following text:

"If you have recent experience using this solution provider in this solution category, please rate your experience below giving 5-stars (highly recommended) to 0-stars (not recommended). Then kindly add a comment as to who this solution provider is best recommended to and under what circumstances."

After pasting the text above you can type the specific details of the reason you're nominating this solution provider vendor or partner for this specific category. If you're a partner nominating yourself, be sure and post your LinkedIn URL as well as your phone and email contact info. Partner nominations without a LinkedIn URL will be removed without notice.

3. DO NOT upload a photo and then "post" the nomination.

4. Once the nomination is posted, your nomination page will open. Copy the nomination link in the address bar and email it to anyone who's likely to comment on the nomination and rate it with zero through 5 stars. Nominations with the greatest star ratings and most detailed comments will win the category. Partners and agents can solicit votes from anyone who has worked with them including customers and agent managers. Vendors can only have partners or customer vote for them.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.