Best (and Worst) of CP 2017 Road Trip

Help ChannelPartner.News find the Best (and Worst) of 2017

Individual Video Blog Posts from Road Trip

11.19.17 Chicago: Sunday - Drive along Lake Michigan north of Chicago. AlbumClip1, Clip2, Clip 3

11.18.17 Chicago: Saturday - Interview Steve Gerhardt of D&M. Post1, Post2, Post3, Post4

11.17.17 Chicago: Friday - VIP tour of master agency TBI & visit to Elmhurst Elks Lodge #1531. Album

11.10.17 Chicago: Friday - Arrive at client site for tech assist visit

11.10.17 St. Louis: Friday - Visit with Lorie Burkemper & team at iSymplify. Blog post.

11.9.17 Des Moines: Thursday - Visit with Jeff Drummund at CPI Telecom

11.8.17 Kansas City: Wednesday - Visit with Brad Carrell of STP. Blog post.

11.8.17 Kansas City: Wednesday - Arrive at client site for tech assist visit

11.7.17 Denver: Tuesday - Arrive at client site for tech assist visit

11.7.17 Denver: Tuesday - Visit With Braun Mincher, ITC, Mid-Size customer Zultys VAR

11.6.17 St. George, UT - A. Trip Intro, B. Awards Overview 1, C. Awards Overview 2

11.5.17 Lake Elsinore, CA: Depart on trip

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In cunjuntion with a tech assist site survey for a client, ICTA President will spend November & December taking a lap around the US cataloging the best and worst of voice, data, internet & managed services while completing our 2017 Partners Choice & Customers Choice annual awards.

Following is the map of the road trip that started November 5th.

Best (and Worst) of CP 2017 RoadTrip Map

If you're within a 100 miles or so of the planned travel route (or even if you're not) email Dan at [email protected] to let him know what you think was the best and/or worst of 2017 in the channel partner world of voice, data, internet and managed services.


While traveling through each metro, Dan will be specifically on the lookout to identify the top partners & top vendors that would qualify as the Customers Choice for various solution categories on our Recommended Partners & Recommended Vendors lists.

Partners can recommend themselves using our award claim form at ChannelPartner.News/2018

Vendors can recommend themselves by emailing Dan Baldwin at [email protected]

Four Video Interview Questions

1. What category of cloud managed service provider are you & what do we need to know about what you do for your clients?

2. For your business and your clients what was the best & worst of 2017?

3. What's your plan for your business & clients in 2018?

4. What advice do you have for business end-users, industry vendors & fellow cloud entreprenuers?