Slider 101

How to Ensure Your eBlast Slider Looks Good on a Vertical Smartphone 

This first video shows what your 1026x455 slider looks like at www.ChannelPartner.News when viewed on a PC.

As you can see in the following video though, only the middle 410 pixels of the 1026 pixel wide eBlast slider show up when viewed with a smart phone held vertically. 

When sending your eBlasts, if you want it to be highlighted on a slider be sure to include a 1026x455 image that has the important content in the middle 410 pixels with the 308 pixels on either side of the 410 middle pixels as secondary content (or just blank space.)

Following is an instructional video on creating the correct slider image.

1. Start with any completed eBlast from your email inbox or the internet link at the vendor eblast index page at

2. Create a single PNG or JPG image file using (we use SnagIt)

3. From that single image find the best part that fits into a 410 wide x 455 tall pixel frame.

4. Add a 308 wide x 455 tall pixel wing on either side to create a 1026 wide x 455 tall pixel image.

5. Create a blog post landing page for the "click" on the slider to forward to.



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