Suddenlink Adding GigaSpeed

altice-suddenlink.jpgSt. Louis, Mo. - Cable television and broadband provider Suddenlink today announced plans to continue the rollout of its previously announced Operation GigaSpeed. The provider's new parent company Altice N.V. confirmed that the company will be investing approximately $250 million in upgrading its infrastructure to provide 1000Mbps connectivity to 90% of its customers by the end of 2016.

Suddenlink currently offers commercial and residential broadband service in 250 local franchises throughout the United States. It was recently purchased by Netherlands-based Altice N.V. for a reported $9.1 billion. Altice is a global telecommunications provider serving nearly 46 million customers worldwide. The company is also in the process of purchasing U.S. cable MSO and broadband provider Cablevision Systems.

In addition to adding increased broadband speeds for homes and businesses, Project GigaSpeed promises to roll-out a new gateway device to deliver internet, cable tv and telephone services via a single set-top box.

Project GigaSpeed was initially unveiled by SuddenLink's original founder and CEO Jerry Kent in 2014. Portions of the project have already been completed in a limited number of markets. Construction will continue throughout 2016 with the last remaining upgrades taking place in early 2017.

Contact: SuddenLink, Nathan Geick (903) 520-3595


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