The Age of the "NexGen" Partner is Here (Sorry it took so long)

When I wrote my last blog post in December of 2017 I was on a business trip visiting my client's 30+ installations and I predicted the end of the "legacy" partner era was upon us.

Well I finished that business trip back in April 2018 and have spent the last 16 months practicing being a "NexGen" partner so I could figure out what this new role is all about and how to explain it to both vendors, clients and my peers.

The photo above was taken at the half-way point of my client trip at the very end of Key West Florida at sunset. The folks in the photo are other visitors that day but as I looked for an image to re-inforce the headline of this post, the photo & the captioning jumped out.

Over the next several months (and then forever after that) I'll use this blog space to share what I've learned about what it takes to convert oneself from a legacy to a NexGen Partner (NGP) and what clients and vendors need to know about how to get what they want from each other and when they need the assistance of an NGP.

In case the image above doesn't give it away...

NGP Rule 1: NexGen Partners are closer to their clients than they are to their vendors.

More NGP rules to follow...


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