The Legacy Partner Channel Ends on January 2, 2018

Are You a Legacy Partner or a NexGen Partner? You Need to Decide by 1/2/18
Fellow Partners & Trusted Vendors,
As you may know, for the past six weeks I've been on a "Best & Worst of 2017" road trip that's taken me from LA to Chicago and today I'm in Dallas.
Along the way I've interviewed dozens of partners, vendors & business customers to better understand where they are with their business today, how they arrived and where they need to be in the future. 
Based on these interviews and 20+ years experience running TA (Telecom Association) I'm convinced that the days of the "Legacy Partner" (which I am one of) are coming to an end and the days of the "NexGen Partner" (which I'm becoming) have arrived.
We saw this change coming which is why we founded ICTa (Information & Communications Technology Association) a couple years ago and have been publishing content for both TA & ICTa at www.ChannelPartner.News
The Legacy Partner Channel Ends on January 2, 2018
Beginning Tuesday, January 2nd both TA & ICTa will continue to exist but all of our efforts will be invested in:
1. Helping Legacy Partners become NexGen Partners
2. Recruiting and training new NexGen Partners for our vendors, and
3. Educating business end-users how to use NexGen Partners
Be Part of the NexGen Channel!
A. Partners register at this link: www.ChannelPartner.News/Pform
B. Vendors register at this link: www.ChannelPartner.News/Vform
C. Renew or become a paid vendor by 12/15/17 when all discounts expire. To add a year to your current vendor membership or become a paid vendor member before the dues increase on 12/16/17, email Kathleen at [email protected]

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