This SD-WAN Video Demo is The Starting Point for Customers & Partners

Any ICT (information & communications technology) solution partner trying to understand if SD-WAN (software defined wide are network) is something their business customers could benefit from should view this short video and then share the video with their client. 

In a nutshell, SD-WAN ensures that business customers have the fastest, most resilient business data connections at the lowest prices for all of their prioritized business applications.

This video shows how the failure of one internet connection does not mean the failure of an application (a voice phone call in the video) because the SD-WAN technology routes the network application (the phone call) around the network outage without the phone call dropping.

More robustly programmed SD-WAN appliances and networks do the same for all you applications.

Dozens of SD-WAN appliances are available through hundreds of VARs (value added resellers), MSPs (managed service providers) and network service providers.

To learn which SD-WAN appliance or SD-WAN VAR, MSP or carrier is right for your business, contact a Recommended Partner in your area.

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