"WOW"...Tour of Boston HQ Shows Why Multi-Location Businesses Choose Granite

This summer I finally answered the question Granite Telecom's Charlie Pagliazzo has been asking me for years, "When are you going to come out to Boston to tour our headquarters? It really showcases how we're different from vendors who say they compete against Granite."

I was in Boston for a family wedding so I snuck off for a couple hours to have Granite managers Lauren Grenier & Russ Bishop give me the same tour they give business owners looking to do business with Granite. Three hours later all I could say was, WOW!

To get a quick visual as to what I saw (that Granite shows prospective business clients) click this link or the photo album below.

Parking Lot View

The first impression that you get of Granite is that they clearly must have a lot of employees when you look at the massive parking lot sandwiched between their two corporate headquarters (HQ) buildings. 

I've visited an awful lot of telecom carriers and resellers in my 25 years and few if any have such an impressive "first impression" for visitors just from standing in the parking lot. Most solution providers in Granite's space have 30 to 300 employees. Granite has 1,300.

Purpose & Control

Granite empowers employees with a reminder of their purpose (hint: growth) at the front door with a thermometer that shows the month-after month, year-over-year growth of clients and accounts under management.

Beyond the growth icons at the front door, everywhere else you walk past floor after floor of task-oriented people who clearly seem to be working on what they see as an important goal. 

Central in the second building is a glass encased network operations center or "NOC" which is something that few sales oriented telecom solution providers bother to have.

Educated & Empowered Employees

The one thing that stood out for me more than anything else on the tour is Granite's obvious commitment to educated and empowered employees.

Half of one of their multiple floors is dedicated to "Granite University" where an education class of one sort or another is always in session in one of three continuing education classrooms.  

Granite states that new employees must have a college degree but that is clearly just a point of departure. Next to the classrooms is a wall of employee plaques showing advanced education in one sort of voice & data network design or another.

In addition to taking care of employee brains, Granite is also clearly interested in helping maintain its employees' physical well-being with its physical fitness center that's free of charge and open to all employees 24/7. Granite sponsors more than 20 sports leagues, everything from Crossfit and MMA-style training to golf, yoga and WeightWatchers.

Business Prospects Find What They're Looking For in Granite

During the tour I couldn't stop thinking, "If a prospective business customer tours Granite's campus they're going to choose Granite." Being a voice & data insider I know that "job one" in creating customer satisfaction is creating "customer confidence". 

Customer confidence is easy to deliver after a complicated turn-up by simply doing a good job. Generating customer confidence ahead of a complicated decision is less than easy to do - unless you have a corporate campus that exudes confidence.

Granite's campus is clearly designed to generate customer confidence. It's clear from the wall of business customer appreciation letters you see as you depart your tour that Granite is delivering to business prospects what they come to Granite looking for.

Introduce Your Clients to Granite

In the old computer mainframe days it was easy to say, "No one ever got fired for picking IBM."

In today's converged voice and data networks that saying has been updated by many to say, "No one ever got fired for picking Granite." 

To learn more about Granite or to find a Granite partner that can help you objectively evaluate Granite for your multi-location voice & data project please visit www.Granitenet.com or email [email protected] to ask for a personal reference to an experience Granite partner.



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