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By Dan Baldwin, TA Executive Director 714-525-8100, [email protected]

1. Vendor Neutral Office 365 Webinar "Making $$$ Beyond the License" Today at 1pm Eastern. Microsoft's Office 365 and Skype for Business is your biggest threat and possibly one of your greatest opportunities. Get in front of it now. Learn how...

2. Switch from Telco Agent to Cloud Broker to Stay Relevant (and to keep paying your bills).  Telecom agents alphabetize but Cloud Brokers analyze. Which do you think today's business customers need from their "trusted advisers"? Start here...

3. "Van" Hefner Returns to Publishing with "Telecom Sales Digest". The publisher of the original telcom "Hall of Shame" returns to the web and his keyboard. Add Van to your daily "must read" list. Get re-introduced...

4. View all the TA Vendor eBlasts from Last Week Don't find out from your best customer what the top vendors in our industry are saying. Click here to see what your competitors are saying to your customers & prospects.

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New Web URL:  We've not sent a weekly newsletter for a month or so as we've been in the process of republishing our content under our new URL www.ChannelPartner.news. We should be back to publishing every Monday morning now.

Top 10 Machine-to-Machine Apps:  How are channel partners cashing in on the machine-to-machine (M2M) and "Internet of things" (IoT) wave? Learn from a top AT&T partner who expects 35% of his firm's revenue to come in from M2M projects this year. Click here to hear my interview with Altaworx CEO Rickie Richie. (The Top 10 M2M apps list is at 20:57)

Why Do Multi-Location Businesses Choose Granite?  Who would your best multi-location customer choose to manage all their voice and data if they toured the service provider's headquarters? If Granite was on the list they'd probably choose Granite just because their headquarters tour kind of blows you away. Click here to read my blog post after touring Granite's headquarters myself last month. (Hint: Don't be the partner competing against Granite if your customer will be looking at Granite.)

Is This the Best Vendor Agnostic Broadband Finder? I stumbled upon BroadbandNow while trying to find fixed wireless providers for a customer that didn't have access to cable.Click here to read my blog post wondering if BroadbandNow might be the best vendor-neutral bandwidth finding website on the internet.

Senior Account Executive Job: If you're looking for a W-2 corporate gig Line Systems is hiring. Click here to view the job posting.

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