Who Can LogMeIn so I can GoToConnect with some Jive Nikes & Lobster?

I'm all bagged up as you can see in the video below thanks to GoToConnect, LogMeIn & Jive.

But now I've got no place to go. Sad Face!

But seriously, Jive get's kudos for creating a very clever marketing hook. My wife Nancy called me from home while I was at the DC Channel Partners show to let me know I'd received an unexpected box, an invitation to go to a BigSur lobster boil at the Intelisys Channel Connect event in two weeks.

Nice attention getter to let me know that "Jive and LogMeIn have merged to create a new suite of products..."

But alas...the event was sold out before I could register.

(Maybe they'll have a booth at the Intelisys event where I can get more info)


For all you other "sad faces" out there with nothing to put in your bag (like me and Nancy), connect with one of the following Jivesters to learn about how, "The GoTo Suite is now available so you can sell a complete solution to your customers."

Jive Partner Team: Bill Gaggioli, John Pope, Roy JacksonMike Chase,



Blog post notes:

1. Video made with https://spark.adobe.com

2. Others considered https://www.kizoa.com/Slideshow-Maker & https://www.kapwing.com/slideshow

3. This post on LinkedIn 




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