WTG's 2016 Tee & Sea Report

I had the pleasure of attending WTG's annual "Tee & Sea" event May 11 - 13 and following is an overview.

The event agenda & the major event sponsors. It's always enlightening to see which vendors are picking up the tab for the agents to learn & play for three days.

Agents at the first day vendor seminars. the guy in the bottom right reflects the general opinion of many agents after the tenth vendor in a row says "It's our customer service & people that make us unique among our competitors!"

Bottom Line:  WTG's a master agency that's been around 20 years because their agents trust Vince Bradley and his staff. WTG also has a reputation for putting on the best parties and having the most fun.

I attended all three days and can say there was a perfect balance of vendor education, quality peer-to-peer interaction and super fun (non-educational) parties.

Key Word Memory Contest: But after all the parties wear off, when you get home you hope you retain some of what was put out at the vendor educational seminars so when you need to you can remember which vendors are the right ones to bring in to solve you customer's next big problem. To help you remember which vendors barfed our which key words I wrote down just as many as I could. If any of the following keywords or ideas seems like something you're looking for, contact WTG to put you in touch with the vendor that barfed it out (and I mean that in the nicest way possible!)

WTG Premier Vendor Presentation Notes 2016



  • TELEPACIFIC 45% agent, just acquired East Coast MSP for project integration

  • JIVE Roy Jackson, VP Sales. Specialize in vertical integrations vs. Vonage, 8x8 & Momentum.  ERATE specialty, nonprofits, school districts & government

  • MOMENTUM TELECOM (Broadsoft) Jaimie Minner, Bloys Donaldson, Erin Geiger (purchased Alteva) 200k seats installed, all deals get an on-site complimentary survey 10 seats & above. Differences - 5 data centers for redundancy “two of everything”. 3 legs of a stool - can provide Momentum managed firewall & switch @ $50 each

  • VONAGE (mostly Broadsoft) Greg Rowe (get videos) shows seamless collaboration, “we sell collaboration as a service” purchased Vocalocity (own software SMB), Telesphere, gUnify (Voice to SaaS thru Google browser), SimpleSignal, iCore Networks, (Clark, Dave?) full MPLS network, enterprise focus, SmartWAN - Software Defined WAN (poor MPLS over DIA, Cable LTE & DSL,

  • 8x8 (not Broadsoft) Carlos Roman, Chris Peters VP sales, Fred Watkins, Megan Lukitsch, Michelle B, Marketing (get video)  Positioning - global, one platform, enterprise grade (specialize in international - Auto Europe, USA retail location 4,500 locations video games) integrated contact center. Virtual office, virtual contact center, virtual office meetings via HD video conferencing (available in June), sales certification training programs, training playbook for PBX & ACD replacements,

  • TIME WARNER CABLE & NAVISITE Michelle Kadlacek, Jim Deetler Navisite, fiber & cloud services focus, merging with Charter & Brighthouse, spiffs Managed O356, managed applications hosted compute, desktop as a service with accelerated graphics, hosted exchange, sweet spots = O365 & hosted mailbox as gateway agent deals, a top-10 microsoft & VM partner, get Intelisys agent deal details NCD navisite cloud director,  

  • EXEDE VIASAT Dan Turak VP sales,Eric Stark  satellite broadband, “we go where the other can’t” (get video) 15/4 meg, 5 day installs, backup primary internet connections, leader in managed wifi, less expensive than cradlepoint with verizon wireless, 20 gigs for $99 per mo, movable installations? RVs? Auto-point antennae, 10-location demo? 600ms latency, viasat 2 launched by end of 2016 w/speeds up to 100 megs,

  • XO Brent Lacho, Bill ,  Alethia Perrin - Channel Director,  February Verizon acquiring XO? Close in 2017? “Great prices & commissions” good for data circuits, it either goes in great or it doesn’t, leading with security, “Managed Security” or on-site security, XO Connect “on-net” building, partner 29% of new on-net building construction,

  • GLOBAL CAPACITY Mary Stanhope v mkt 781-902-5216 , Rob Olson vp ch, [email protected], “a network of networks” “connectivity made simple”, 2015 bought Megapath/Covad network services, 98% us coverage, 85% international coverage, multi-site MPLS + EoC + Business internet, 5 services = asymetric ethernet  (covad footprint, supports QoS $99 for 10x1 goes to 50x5), redundant services (4g failover w/managed gear), int’l services (tom azelby?), business broadband, retail business (PCI compliance)  wholesale or resale program? Hosted VoIp integration?

  • LEVEL3  Roger Paschal, Tom Issler, Amanda Jardine, “operationally challenged still?”  One single network, one set of products, one single set of tools, channel is $500m of $8billion, will split deals with direct, getting into “hybrid WAN networking” like Global Capacity? Level3 training university, clean bill with few garbage fees,

  • TELSTRA Cardi Prinzi, Dennis Calderwood, Anthin Zito, Jason Kitzmiller, Marco Mancuso, Kit Carter, [email protected]  Global, Asia, China, VPN, Internet, point-2-point, satellite, colocation, cloud, Global SIP & Global VoIP, Global Managed Network Services, bandwidth on demand, Cisco alliance, consulting practice, acquired Pacnet, WTG number 1 master agency for Telstra  

  • NTT   Jordan Wigard? Global system integrations, ITSM IT service management, (two types of customers = growing + going out of business), NFV network functions virtualization (eliminated boxes that sit on the edge) a consumption based service - you only pay for what you use, recent win = CNN, how do you invest in technology in order to grow?   Revenue sustainability vs. revenue growth, 2nd largest global data center provider after Equinix, (top WTG in’t agent Brett

  • EQUINIX  Alana Hainey + randy + chris, 145 data centers in 15 countries, IOA interconnected oriented architecture (where people [more devices], locations [more dispersed], cloud & data meet - 4 major disruptions), (get video) pushing your customer’s data to the edge where the users, digital disruption driving need for professional services - company called Nimbo (Will Robinson - owner) who have expertise onboarding enterprise customers to Microsoft & Amazon web services, looking for enterprise customers (have plenty of  technology customers) Sales partner success story Koch $120k MRC Sales agent certification program agents can team with direct reps,

  • MICROSOFT/CALNET  James Hwang, Rebekah Lawrence, Thomas Oceguera CNTG Cal Net Technology Group “The Power of Many” Use O365 to get into an account and then attach services & support, then expand, SIEM security information event management, local LA hospital cases of ransomware, www.calnettech.com/wtg can take over and manage existing O365 accounts,

  • WTG WIRELESS Tem Wu, Sprint, At&t, T-mobile, Verizon, Broadsky (4g wireless data), Wyless,
    Solutions = M2M / IoT, GPS fleet tracking, wireless forms, mobility-as-a-service, wireless payments / donations, 4g LTE internet, Target customers = connected devices software co / trucking / delivery courier, fleet, field service hospitality, 100+ employee companies, restaurants, catering, non-profit, remote, temp office, retail POS, (time clock punch in tied to location)

  • NUAGE ENERGY - Bill Glasser, Patrick Mason, (lighting is the “equipment of the energy business” anyone can sell lighting equipment. Energy is the “other big utility” (easier to sell - no installation & no customer service)  EV (electrical vehicle) charging stations [trifecta = EV, charging, solar panels plus lighting ] Water management - wireless water leak detection (The detection group) Lance Honea Teem works energy,

  • WTG  Energy specialty to increase retentio

WTG Panel

Digitization & Collaboration - Cory Dibinski, Training universit

Digitization = Currency, assembly line processes, auto industry in electric car

Collaboration = document editing & sharing like Google docs, Yammer - social collaboration, O365, how to share data & workflow and take that to the next level,  software that allows people to work together as a team

Globalization & collaboration - “Global cloud” communicate efficiently on the the same network, SD WAN helping, substitute word globalization with “mobilization

IasS - Microsoft “Express Route” AW

Henry Ford “If you ask people what they want they’d say ‘Faster Horses

Digitize document management & integrate into collaboration processes, for law firms, mortgage companies - LaserFish, document management

Security is number one reason why customers choose not to move into the cloud, use Microsoft “Direct Connect” to get into MicroSoft’s “private cloud Azure”.  *** Companies should switch their connections to the cloud off public internet connections to “direct connect” to AWS or Microsoft

VPN vs. “Direct Connect” - James Hwang - VPN’s good for mobile workforces, but VPN’s don’t easily burst bandwidth sizes, Static offices are good for direct connect, VPNs are good for mobile workforces

New Trends: SD WAN, intelligent networks, software defined “everything”, james “security” combining VPN access with badge access - two separate databases but need to be combined, the same person should not be logging into a VPN and walking thru a badged door

“Hybrid Networking

Steve Jobs “Sometimes people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”

Panel Speakers - James Hwang (West Point), CalNet, Level3 Roger Paschal, Microsoft Justin Slagle, Randy Clark Equinix, Vince Bradley

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